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Cleanses completely in less than two hours

In the Shudh™ method, rapid drinking helps produce a rapid result. A 16-ounce volume of salted water consumed in one to two minutes.

Welcome To Shudh (Natural Internal Cleanse)

Shudh™ is a modern version of shankh prakshalana, an Indian purification technique that has been used for over 2,500 years. This technique cleanses the bowel naturally, using only salted water and a series of five yoga exercises.

Instead of chemical action, the body's own reflexes do the work. The Shudh™ process is ideal for healthy men and women who are fit enough to do a little exercise.


The spirit of shudh™

Hatha yoga joins the masculine energy of the sun and the feminine, receptive energy of the moon to produce balance.

The Hatha tradition holds that "powerful work" must be done to prepare the body for meditation, and shankh prakshalana is one of the six great purification practices–or kriyas – that cleanse the body of noxious influences.

Simple N Safe Shudh™

    Simple: Just follow the DVD instructions.

    Natural: No chemicals other than Sodium Chloride (salt).

    Safe: No significant electrolyte imbalances or adverse events.

    Acceptable: More than 90% said “Asanas are easy to perform and solution is palatable.”

    Faster: Done in less than Two Hours.

    Economical: Year Supply of Colon Cleanse (Provides 6 Cleanses).

Shudh™ Benefits:

    Relieves Constipation

    Eliminates Toxins

    Cleanses the whole intestinal tract

    Improves digestion

Shudh™ Advantages:

    No Embarrassment

    No Instrumentation


I started the cleanse at 6 a.m., and after about one hour into the exercise and drinking salt water, I had my first bowel movement. when and how I would feel! Surprisingly I did not feel much cramping, everything came out smooth. I had 2 full bowel movements and 6 others which were just like urine. My whole cleansing took about 1 hr. & 45 min. At the end I felt lighter and I did not experience any side effects. I am glad it was so easy.”



I did Shudh, It was fast and left me feeling clean and energetic. I had many bowel movements but never felt sick or weak.”


Shudh™ Evidence

Shudh Evidence1 Shudh Evidence2